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I offer a range of services including, hypnotherapy, relaxation, CBT, NLP and mindfulness.

Every person has differing needs, these are discussed in the initial free consultation, either in person or by telephone. At this time I will acertain the nature of the issue and plan with you the solution.

As all therapy is uniquely tailored no exact amount of sessions can be defined prior, but a guide will be given. Rest assured we will work together to reach resolution in the minimum number of sessions.


Sessions as diverse as you are.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, often one session will solve your problem. Examples include phobias, fears, nail biting, repetitive habits and recall of memories.

Other issues may need more than one session. Examples include anxiety, insomnia, performance enhancement, stress or self esteem. For these I offer a 10% discount following your second session.

 Schedule a no obligtion consultation today and find out what I can do for you.

Female Hypnotherapy Patient


Stress free body and mind.

Relaxation is a state of body and mind that is free from tension, stress and anxiety. Relaxation is often overlooked in our busy lifestyles, but it is an important part of self-care. Remember 'you can not give from an empty cup'.

Book yourself in for a 30 minuite experience, uniting body, mind and spirit. Leaving you ready to take on all your responsibilities once more.

Gift vouchers available for that stressed out someone you care about!!


A happier, healthier you

Smoking cessation usually takes one 90 minute session.  Imagine being smoke free with healthier lungs, better circulation, feeling fitter, smelling better, and just think of all the money you will save!!! We will discuss your specific triggers and habits in preparation for your smoke free future.


Weight Control

Take back control

There are so many reasons for weight issues. We will work out your triggers and reasons and alter the way you relate to food, the way that you feel and think about food, making permanent changes that put you back in control.


Horse confidence

Fear free equestrianism

Having spent time with horses all my life, I am fully aware of how many fearful riders and 'field ornaments' there are, and I have heard every excuse, from all types of rider.

Horses are intuitive if you are nervous, tense or anxious your horse will pick this up and you can quickly find yourself in a negative spiral.

Hypnotherapy can help you develop your confidence so you remain relaxed and calm allowing you to enjoy your time with your four legged friend.

Whatever the issue, hacking out, cantering in open spaces, jumping or competition nerves, talk to me and find out how I can help you enjoy your passion.

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